OH MY GOD!  This is such a similar experience to what my beloved, and late, 
Monkee did, I just had to reply!  He too got into a homemade cooling loaf of 
banana nut bread I had left out on the stove top (which he knew he wasn't 
allowed on)!!  I had put a paper towel over top of it and he totally raided it! 
 When I found it, he had shredded the paper towel and there were kitty nail 
marks and teeth marks all on the bread!  It was so funny!  Also, about the same 
time, I had left a soy cheese pizza out on the counter, cooling, with a paper 
towel on top and he raided that too!  He shredded everything again, but the 
funniest part was that his white muzzle got stained orange from the pizza sauce 
(from him sticking his face in it no doubt)!  He tried to act like he didn't do 
anything wrong, but the evidence was all over his face!  I was mad at him, but 
it was so funny and he looked too cute that I took pictures of his orange face 
with my camera phone and sent them to everyone with the title "Pizza-faced 
Monkee!"  He was the best and I miss him so....so entertaining.  
Cherish these moments, even if they are semi-annoying!  
I did talk to my vet about Monkee's food raiding when it happened because he 
had never done it to that extent before.  At the time, we were trying to get 
him to lose some weight so he was on S/D light dry only.  The vet recc'd adding 
wet food as the "new" theory was that cats "feel" like they have eaten more if 
they get some wet food.  Now, this is in contrast to a previous "theory" that 
cats get "filled up" more on a primarily dry food diet.  I'm sure this could be 
debated on end and different vets will be on a current, different theory at any 
given time, so, you have to take it with a grain of salt and just try different 
things and use your own judgment/let YOUR cat tell you what's best in the end.  
I did start adding S/D wet to try to satiate Monkee more, but I don't know if 
it worked because I also stopped leaving things out on the counter so his food 
raiding did cease anyway!  
I also think that when they are having diarrhea and you can pin-point the cause 
(human food raiding), it's good to give their gut a rest and hold off on the 
dry food.  If you have I/D, I would personally feed that to get her through the 
hump.  Also, with the caveat that I AM NOT A VET and you certainly don't need 
to follow my advice, but when I had kittens with diarrhea that wasn't caused by 
a known source, to help calm their systems down, the vet said to give them 
Liquid Imodium- which I did and they were fine.  I can't remember the dose 
though.  But it's not a full cc- when in doubt, I always go with 1 cc per pound 
of body weight, or maybe even less than that.  In situations like this, you can 
always put a call into your vet and ask what they think about the food-raiding 
behavior and/or if you can give Imodium/how much, etc.  
I hope this helps,

Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 13:37:47 -0600From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: 
Autumn and DiarrheaHey All,   Autumn is doing really well overall. She's been 
feeling so good in fact that she's been trying to steal human food. She's tried 
to do this as long as we've had her. The only difference is that she's now 
bigger and sneakier. On Friday night she got into a plate and ate some pizza 
crust with a little sauce on it. She also ate part of a cooling banana bread 
loaf on Saturday. When I set the loaf out she was playing happily in another 
room - when I turned around she was munching away~_~ The problem is that she's 
developed diarrhea. She has no other symptoms. We try hard to keep her out of 
people food, but if you turn your back for a second she gets into your plate.  
Should I get her in to see a vet ASAP or just wait and see?  I understand that 
sometimes people food upsets their stomachs. I have a soft food for cats with 
intestinal troubles. Should I take away her hard food and give her the I/D 
formula? She's also had terrible kitty gas. Thanks,~Susan A
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