I think people on this site have also recc'd- for general diarrhea- in the past 
to boil a chicken and give them the chicken broth.  I have never been able to 
try it yet though, as I am a vegetarian, thus, I'm not chicken boiler!  But 
it's something else to try to keep her satiated, dehydrated and keep her 
electrolytes going.
Good luck.
Caroline > From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]> To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org> Subject: 
Re: Autumn and Diarrhea> Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 14:23:14 -0600> > Hi Susan,> > 
You should talk to your vet's office to see what they think, but I don't> think 
you need to rush> Autumn in right away. Having dealt with diarrhea with Ember, 
my first> course of action would> be to rest her from food for a day or two, if 
possible. Make sure she> has plenty of water, of course.> After the short 
break, I would increase portions until normal over a few> days. If you don't 
want to > give her time off of food, then you might at least take her off the 
hard> food for the time being, > and then slowly reintroduce it over a week or 
so. You might also try> giving her some pumpkin. > I think a teaspoon of 
pumpkin mixed in with wet food is what I did for> Ember when she had> bad 
diarrhea.> > Keep in mind that this is what *I* would do. Your vet may have a 
better> idea of what's> best for little Autumn. I hope she starts feeling 
better soon. > > Lance> > > On Mon, 5 Nov 2007 13:37:47 -0600, "Susan Ang" 
<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:> > Hey All,> > > > Autumn is doing really well 
overall. She's been feeling so good in> > fact> > that she's been trying to 
steal human food. She's tried to do this as> > long> > as we've had her. The 
only difference is that she's now bigger and> > sneakier.> > On Friday night 
she got into a plate and ate some pizza crust with a> > little> > sauce on it. 
She also ate part of a cooling banana bread loaf on> > Saturday.> > When I set 
the loaf out she was playing happily in another room - when I> > turned around 
she was munching away~_~ The problem is that she's> > developed> > diarrhea. 
She has no other symptoms. We try hard to keep her out of> > people> > food, 
but if you turn your back for a second she gets into your plate.> > Should I 
get her in to see a vet ASAP or just wait and see? I understand> > that 
sometimes people food upsets their stomachs. I have a soft food for> > cats 
with intestinal troubles. Should I take away her hard food and give> > her> > 
the I/D formula? She's also had terrible kitty gas.> > > > Thanks,> > ~Susan A> 
-- > Lance Linimon> [EMAIL PROTECTED]> > 
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