Did they ever clean his ears?  If so, that can cause
the tilting.  It can take as much as 3 mo. to go away.
 Went through this last year.  Cat is fine now.


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> Hey guys.  Whitey is still having some "issues" and
> I was hoping some  of the 
> more experienced people around might have an idea of
> what's up.  
> The problem I'm seeing is he's still disoriented/The
> problem I'm seeing is 
> he's still disoriented/<WB  I can't figure out whats
> wrong with  him!  We 
> thought it was a severe inner ear infection, but
> after 4 weeks on  Baytril,  it 
> still hasn't cleared up. (It seems to have gotten
> much better,  but not gone).  He 
> also had horribly bad teeth, all of which were
> pulled  two weeks ago.  I was 
> thinking maybe that was part of it, but he's still 
> doing it two weeks after 
> the dental work and 2 weeks on Baytril, so I'm at a 
> loss here.  He's about 12 
> years old for those of you who may not  remember. 
> He's otherwise asympomatic. 
>  He doesn't appear to be in any  pain.  He's quite
> friendly still and purs 
> when he's in my lap, he gets  around, eats and
> drinks well, using the litterbox 
> well, other than the walking  with his head sideways
> and stumbling his health 
> is a thousand times better than  it was when I took
> him in, but I just can't 
> figure the dizziness out.
> Any thoughts on what might be causing it? Or how to
> treat?  Should I  
> schedule him another vet appointment?  He has to go
> back on the 13th for  his FeLV 
> booster, so I'll definitely talk to the vet then,
> but I didn't know if  I should 
> consider taking him in earlier.
> Michael
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