Kenzie, I'm so sorry Frankie had to leave you.  Thank you for making the loving 
choice for him right now, as hard as it always is.  Gentle Bridge vibes to him, 
and hugs to you.
Diane R.


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Subject: Frankie has passed on

Frankie who was FELV positive has passed on.  He has really been battling for 
about a month and a half now.  I have realized that after that long, I was 
fighting so I wouldn't hurt and not so he wouldn't.  His digestive system was 
shutting down on Monday so I made the hardest decision of my life and put him 
to rest last night.  He was very sick and very anemic and was dehydrating 
faster each time and refusing fluids.  I will never regret having him no matter 
how much this hurts.  I gave him a second chance he had 3 1/2 healthy months of 
playing but it was time for rest since he hasn't been well for the past month 
and a half.  I have ordered Tranfer Factor for my girls.

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