I use flagyl tablets.  Dissolve in a tiny (like drops off my fingertips) amount 
of water.  Then add pancake syrup or maple syrup.  Shake well before each dose. 
 The aim is to make each dose about ½ cc of liquid.
  Tuna does not work.  Just makes it taste all the more bitter and acrid.
  But if she is absolutely feral and unhandleable, you’ve got a problem.  Can 
you handle her at all?

Gloria Lane <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  I've always used Flagyl tablets so have 
no experience with a liquid or gell  - course you've for a feral there, so you 
can't easily do tablets and they taste bad ...  anyhow you might talk to the 
druggist about compounding it in chicken flavor or something?  

    Course if he/she is feral, how do you get the liquid down?

  Another thought - One vet gave me panacur and I use it quite a bit - its' 
liquid and not as repulsive to my cats as Flagyl, apparently.  I did 1cc for 3 
days.  so shorter term than Flagyl.  Might ask your vet about that...



    On Nov 11, 2007, at 11:03 AM, wendy wrote:

  Hi guys,
  I hope this post finds you all well.  We finally got Ensie, my grandmother's 
feral from NC diagnosed correctly.  They weren't doing the fecal right at the 
vets, and finally we got a fill-in vet who not only did the float, but also did 
another procedure that I can't remember.  I think it involved a smear and 
slide, but not sure.  Anyway, the vet said that Ensie had no more roundworms, 
as she did when we first brought her back to Texas, but that she had two other 
issues:  Mega-bacteria and cyclospores, or something like that, which is what 
is causing her diarrhea.  She said she's never seen bacteria that large before. 
 She also said Ensie had zero good bacteria, or flora I think she called it, in 
her stomach.  So she prescribed Flagyl and Bene-Bac.  I gave Ensie her first 
dose this morning of the Flaygyl and she went nuts.  She did NOT like it at 
all.  And the stuff is cherry flavored!  What are they thinking?  Do cats like 
cherry flavoring?  lol.  So I wondered if any of
 you had any good ideas for dosing liquid cherry flavored Flagyl to your 
kitties?  I am thinking it won't go over in tuna, but maybe something else???
  Thanks for any advice!
  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change 
the world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade 

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Subject: Autumn and Diarrhea

Hey All,

   Autumn is doing really well overall. She's been feeling so good in fact that 
she's been trying to steal human food. She's tried to do this as long as we've 
had her. The only difference is that she's now bigger and sneakier. On Friday 
night she got into a plate and ate some pizza crust with a little sauce on it. 
She also ate part of a cooling banana bread loaf on Saturday. When I set the 
loaf out she was playing happily in another room - when I turned around she was 
munching away~_~ The problem is that she's developed diarrhea. She has no other 
symptoms. We try hard to keep her out of people food, but if you turn your back 
for a second she gets into your plate.  Should I get her in to see a vet ASAP 
or just wait and see?  I understand that sometimes people food upsets their 
stomachs. I have a soft food for cats with intestinal troubles. Should I take 
away her hard food and give her the I/D formula? She's also had terrible kitty 

~Susan A

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