I would see a specialist.  I know this is late, and I hope someone had some 
good advice for you.

          Hey guys.  Whitey is still having some "issues" and I was hoping some 
of the more experienced people around might have an idea of what's up.  
  The problem I'm seeing is he's still disoriented/dizzy and holding his head 
sideways when he walks.  I can't figure out whats wrong with him!  We thought 
it was a severe inner ear infection, but after 4 weeks on Baytril,  it still 
hasn't cleared up. (It seems to have gotten much better, but not gone).  He 
also had horribly bad teeth, all of which were pulled two weeks ago.  I was 
thinking maybe that was part of it, but he's still doing it two weeks after the 
dental work and 2 weeks on Baytril, so I'm at a loss here.  He's about 12 years 
old for those of you who may not remember.  He's otherwise asympomatic.  He 
doesn't appear to be in any pain.  He's quite friendly still and purs when he's 
in my lap, he gets around, eats and drinks well, using the litterbox well, 
other than the walking with his head sideways and stumbling his health is a 
thousand times better than it was when I took him in, but I just can't figure 
the dizziness out.
  Any thoughts on what might be causing it? Or how to treat?  Should I schedule 
him another vet appointment?  He has to go back on the 13th for his FeLV 
booster, so I'll definitely talk to the vet then, but I didn't know if I should 
consider taking him in earlier.

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