I don't know what the circumstances are here because although the Animal control film made accusations they never really showed the inside of the house and since they are seizing the animals I don't expect them to say anything nice. The animals I saw on the film didn't look sick or undernourished or but I wasn't there and nothing was really shown of the inside of the house. Susan since you brought this up, were you there in the house while the animals were being seized or are you repeating what someone told you??

That said it just from what little I saw, it didn't look very good, I for one am on the animals side always and unfortunately whether these animals are FeLV+ or not, when a list member is taking money from group members to help with the animals, lawyers, whatever I do not want to help keep a hoarder in business. I'm not saying this is the case but if it is count me out and I DO want to know.

Hoarders are sick and have no clue they are harming the very animals they profess to want to help, they do not see the destruction they are causing. If there is even the possibility of this I want to know so I don't help keep the situation going on.

Kelley, I don't know if the accusations are true but if they are please get the help you need ... if you need the help and don't get it only cause more harm and only sadness will follow. My prayers are with you at this time.


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