I'm not really the expert here... but a couple of ideas.  Maybe try some
petromalt for hairballs.  And I'd just try to get him to eat anything at all
that he likes...  maybe baby food, anything--doesn't have to be the
healthiest thing--just to give him a bit of nutrition and fluids...  

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Here are the basics: Freckles was fine over the weekend and even until
Monday mid-day, then he starts throwing up (clear vomit, not yellow or
bloody, a little sticky like mucus) and does so about once every 4-8 hours,
through that night. Call vet Tuesday a.m., they could not fit us in and so
we went this a.m. 

He had no temp. and did not appear to be in pain or too depressed although
it was clear he is not himself, less playful and more just sitting around.
The vomiting continued Tuesday and so by this a.m., I am not sure when he
last ate/drank, but he did pee in the litter box. He was NOT dehydrated and
not yellow. X-rays did not show any obvious obstruction but there was a
tiny spot that might need to be explored further if things dont improve.
We were thinking he may have swallowed something that was stuck in his
tummy, even a large hair ball which was making him vomit and not be hungry.
He got an injection to address the throwing up, it may take 24 hours to
really kick in and then I have pills to give him throughout tomorrow. Vet
sent home ID food which is easy on the tummy in the hopes that once the
omitting stops, we can start him on a bland diet to get him eating again.
He threw up once when he got home and has mostly just slept, and is still
not interested in food. 

So of course, I am worried sick. Freckles is approx. 2, very healthy and
friendly normally. He is FELV-. I am looking for hints, suggestions, words
of encouragement. My vet said he has seen this before and so he is not as
worried as me, but.....if he is not better by Friday a.m., he goes back. I
am always prepared to take him to an emergency vet if things get worse, but
my vets, who have known Freckles most of his life and last saw him a few
months ago for routine stuff, seem confident this is not going to have a
sad ending. I have lost 3 cats to FELV recently, and so they know how
important this is to me right now.  


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