Mine, too.
1/4 of a 10 mg tablet per day is what I have written down.
I have never used and it would probably do the lower to be safe. Weight of the 
cat might have some bearing on what I would do, too.

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  oh, heavens--my vet has said, and i've read, that 1/4 of a pepcid EVERY day 
was the dosage...... sigh.

  On Nov 26, 2007 12:54 PM, Belinda Sauro < [EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

         Pepcid can be hard on the tummy too if too much is given, the 
    starting dose is usually 1/8 of a pill every other day, CRF cats get
    this fairly regularly since most develope tummy acid sooner or later as
    the CRF progresses.  Thankfully Fred hasn't needed this yet.  If you can 
    get him to eat though he probably won't need the pepcid at all and I
    would ask your vet before giving since he did give you something for
    nausea already.


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