>From my VERY limited experiences, the birds try to eat the food until they
figure out the cats start seeing them as dessert.  But birds are pretty
smart and they'll wait until the cats have eaten and moved away from the
food dishes to then swoop down.  Its tough to come up with a solution as
they're both hungry.  My guess is the birds might prefer bird feed but will
eat the cat food for lack of anything else.  


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That is what I suggested. I think she was wondering about other ideas, too.
The birds even eat the canned food.


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Is there some reason not to feed the birds?  It would seem logical to put
out enough bird food so the birds are not tempted by the cat food.

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I have a friend who feeds (and TNR) feral cat colonies. She has a new
problem. The starlings are eating the cat food. Has anyone encountered this?
Have suggestions for what works to feed cats, not birds?



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