Correction: I meant A/D instead of Evo.  Thank you Laurie!  I saw your post and 
said OOPS!

Everyone here has given GREAT info. thus far!  The archives, as Caroline 
pointed out, are a wonderful source of info. and will save you time in 

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Hi there 

My name is Emily and I have three cats, Moses (Felv +) Jeremiah and Samson 
(status yet unknown).

I just found out that Moses is + and he's quite sick. the doctor put him on 
prednesone and doxycline... 

He's not eating and he's quite thin.

The dr wants to put him to sleep. Is this really my only option? Also - if i 
bring him home to be with his brothers... will he infect them? Should i have 
them tested? 

I'm so sad. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated... 

THank you thank you thank you... 

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