As ever, I'm so sorry, Sherry.  Gentle Bridge vibes to Iris.
Diane R.


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Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 7:28 PM
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Subject: Iris Please add to the CLS :(

Iris lost her battle to this aweful disease tonight. I was there to hold her
pretty little tortie head in my hand while she fell asleep forever.She is
now with her sister Isis whom I had never met cause she lost her fight
before I started volunteering. I just told her she will feel so much better
soon.It just breaks my heart to see these precious babies lose.I am grateful
that I was a part of her life for the last 2 years.Thank you all so much for
the prayers.Junior is doing so much better,he has been at Dr. Jens house for
the last couple weeks.Her son has been sharing his room with him and the
eyeless kitten that Jen found. The kitten is adorable.Once again thank you
ALL so much


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