Isabella had high temp (as high was 107), was anemic and had enlarged spleen. 
She tested positive for feleuk. 
We use interferon 7 days on and 7 days off. We are in US and it's not expensive 
at all. We use the human form rather than feline.
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  Has anyone used interferon omega recently in UK - if so how much does is cost 
you per box of 5 vials. Vet quoted me £1500 for a course - one week on - one 
off and one week after and then a week 2 months later. Seems a lot more than 
what I paid last time. I can't afford £1500 and the sanctuary will be reluctant 
to pay but this seems her only chance now.

  Buddy is currently hospitalised having fluids today - her temperature won't 
come down she won't respond to the synulox antibiotics so it's seeming to lead 
us to thinking it's viral. Her bloods came back and her liver adn kidneys are 
currently fine but she is slightly anaemic, nothing else showed up. Vet had a 
good feel and feels it is not wet form FIP, and although lymphoma can't be 
ruled out he's never seen symptoms like this happen overnight.

  Michelle, Minstrel, Buddy & Angel Bramble

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