I know this is a long shot, but this beautiful little girl has stolen
many hearts & is very sweet, she has long, charcoal fur and has been
through a lot.   She was dumped in the lot at a local vet's in Tampa,
FL.   A tech took her in, she first tested light + for Leuk. and now
has retested positive.   She's been told she must euthanize her today
and she herself is moving so has no place for this kitten to go.

She is approx. 5 months old and I can send a pic to a camera phone, I
don't have a way to convert it to e-mail but if I can send it to
someone who can then e-mail it back to me, that would be wonderful.

Her name is Shennanigan's and she really deserves a chance to live her
life with love, no matter how long or short it may be.

Please help me spread the word.


"...I never listen to Dogs"
-Sassy, Homeward Bound

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