I haven't followed this but, to relieve stress, Feliway spray, Rescue Remedy and Cat Nap (a spray, not catnip) work for me. Even, somewhat, at the vets' office.
On Jan 27, 2008, at 4:20 PM, Jane Lyons wrote:

Tonya, I've been dealing with pretty much the same symptoms for the (almost) year that I've had MeMe. I've been able to get rid of it with l-lycine and DMG liquid supplements, but as soon as she is stressed (a trip to the
vet) her one nostril gets runny.
We have also tried antibiotics, without success. We've been able to clear it up for months on end, but the latest trip to the vet brought it back. If you haven't used l-lycine or DMG, you might give it a try.

On Jan 27, 2008, at 7:25 AM, catatonya wrote:

Hi Guys,

I have a semi-feral cat, Sneaker who has a chronic upper respiratory problem. He has been to the vet, has been on 2 rounds of different antibiotics, and had x-rays done to see if there was any type of mass (cancer, etc...) in his nasal cavities.

We are finding nothing. His discharge (if any) is clear. His lungs are clear. He simply breathes as if he's got a stuffy nose.

The last thing we did was the x-ray and a culture to see if there's some kind of weird bacterial thing going on.

I have 5 other cats here, including my positive, and no one else has this.

Any ideas???

thanks in advance,

Susan Ang <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
In December, Autumn developed bad breath. I checked her mouth and her gums looked inflamed and a few of her teeth were yellowy. After Christmas, we went to PetSmart and got her a little red tooth brush and malt flavored paste. I expected a bit of a fight, but she loves the flavor and runs to get her teeth brushed every night. She doesn't like the brushing so much as licking the paste off the brush, but I am able to get some good, light scrubbing in. So far: no more bad breath and her gums look healthy. I don't know if anyone else had success with this? We also use tartar control treats. I don't usually post because I'm a FeLV noob! However, I've learned a lot from this list and thought I'd post this since it worked well for Autumn.

~Susan A.

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