All I know is that I was told by a vet that cats aren't panters like dogs- 
their bodies don't work the same as dogs.  Dogs do it regularly to cool 
themselves, etc., but it is not a normal function for a cat.  I would ask the 
vet anytime a cat does it.  My deceased FELV+ cat only did it in the heat of 
the summer when I took him out on walks on his leash-- he would lay directly in 
the sun and get too hot.  If I saw him pant even once, I picked him up and put 
him back in the house and the a/c and then he would be fine.  But it's not 
something cats are supposed to do regularly, so when it happens, you need to be 
on alert.    

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My 8 month old kittens also pant briefly after vigorous activity.  Wouldn't 
this be a normal body mechanism to cool itself?
One of them also snores quite loudly, and I wonder if that is normal since I've 
never had a cat snore so audibly before.

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my 6 month old FELV + manx kitten does the same.  So did our 9 month old 
Siamese mix who we had to PTS because of a serious bout with FELV over 
Christmas. It was normally after careening around the house together but  it 
never really seemed normal.  The manx is a loud breather anyway - sometimes on 
the verge of 'labored' breathing periodically during rest - but more generally 
just a noisy nose.  When she was cked over by our vet other than the FELV+ she 
was really in good condition considering the odds (she has a partial prolapsed 
anus that doesn't seem to bother her - we were trying to take care of it when 
the FELV issue presented itself in the other cat... then we tested her...) We 
go back in 3 weeks for re-test - we are crossing our fingers ...I googled it 
(panting) as well and got the same generalized answer which really didn't help 
- so I'm interested in the answer to Susan's Q. - Beth Gouldin

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