On this: Numerous years ago my vet called in a prescription for Ebony Thomas Katt.............the drugstore got the dose wrong big time. (Yes, I am sure it was the drugstore).

A year or so the vet called in a drug for worms for my ferals. The drugstore (another one to be sure) copied down a drug for cancer.

I suspect we need to double check and then check again when it comes to our furry family members.

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Computer error??? It sounds as though the vet made a 'scary mistake' and rather than honesty and responsibility,
 she is playing defense, which is equally scary.
I would stop the Metronidazole. It seems that Ember had a violent reaction to the overdose and needs time to process that assault. Also, why Metronidazole? Wasn't her last stool normal? I do not understand why the vet is
prescribing it. Did she run tests on her stool? What was her diagnosis?

I wish your trusted vet were available to you (and Ember). Is there any way you can contact her or get a referral for a vet who has experience with FeLK. I would not trust someone who resorts to the 'computer error' card.

How is Ember now? How have her stools been?
Fingers still crossed.

On Jan 25, 2008, at 9:27 PM, Lance wrote:

I talked to the vet we saw last night to ask about the odd exhaling Ember did. We discussed it for awhile, and she really couldn't say with any certainty what might have caused it. She said that Ember's lungs sounded good, and I would think that a lung problem would be a likely component in causing something like that. I'll just be paying close attention to see if it happens again.

It's a really good thing I called, because I found out that Ember had been over-prescribed. Frankly, the whole thing sounds a little fishy to me, though I want to trust this vet. The label printed out and placed on the Metronidazole bottle was for two 50mg pills twice a day. The vet told me that should be for only 1 50mg pill twice a day. She also indicated that this is a small dose. She said that this is a computer error, but she also *told* me before I left that it was two pills twice a day. I wonder when she was planning on calling me about this!

I gave Ember two pills last night and two this morning, but I will not give her any meds tonight, and I'm really not sure of what to do in general. I hate to critique someone who has vast amounts of education and experience over me. But, I'm concerned that this vet is not exactly sure of what's going on. When Ember had diarrhea a year and a half ago, another vet (who is now our normal vet) prescribed one 50mg Metronidazole once a day, and she only gave me five or so to give (i never did).

Since Metronidazole is considered a potential carcinogen in people, and has, in admittedly rare cases, essentially destroyed an animal's nervous system, I'm really wishing I had a second opinion. I just don't want to haul Ember to another vet. Any thoughts?


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