Can I ask flavor/brand toothpaste you are using?
Bea constantly has a case of inflammed gums. I've had her on 3 different 
courses of Clavamox and Prednisone, that seems to help for a while and then it 
starts up again.
I've attempted to brush her teeth. She loves to play with the toothbrush I got 
her but the minute I pick it up and walk towards her she starts to stress 
out...and she clamps her mouth shut so tight I can barely pry it open - thus 
causing more stress. I've tried a couple toothpastes but she's just not 
interested in anything to do with me touching her teeth...I'm willing to take 
any suggestions.

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Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 22:53:36 -0600
From: "Susan Ang" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: Brushing Teeth
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In December, Autumn developed bad breath. I checked her mouth and her gums
looked inflamed and a few of her teeth were yellowy. After Christmas, we
went to PetSmart and got her a little red tooth brush and malt flavored
paste. I expected a bit of a fight, but she loves the flavor and runs to get
her teeth brushed every night. She doesn't like the brushing so much as
licking the paste off the brush, but I am able to get some good, light
scrubbing in. So far: no more bad breath and her gums look healthy. I don't
know if anyone else had success with this? We also use tartar control
treats. I don't usually post because I'm a FeLV noob! However, I've learned
a lot  from this list and thought I'd post this since it worked well for

~Susan A.


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Never miss a thing.  Make Yahoo your home page.

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