Hi guys,

I hope those of you who aren't sold on no-kill and those who are will
join this chat.  Nathan Winograd is a wonderful advocate for animals
and he really has a handle on how to stop shelter killing.

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An Evening with Nathan Winograd
Friday, February 1, at 9 PM Eastern Time
 Part of PetHobbyist.com's Tenth Annual Chat Month
 In the Auditorium
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 Nathan Winograd's 2007 book "Redemption: The Myth of Pet
Overpopulation and the No Kill Revolution in America" set off a
firestorm of controversy -- and inspired an army of animal lovers
across the country, calling for serious reform of the American shelter
system and an end to the use of killing as a tool of animal population

 RescueNetwork.org is proud to present an evening with Nathan Winograd
as the opening event of PetHobbyist.com's Tenth Annual Chat Month.
Please join us on Friday, February 1, at 9 PM Eastern Time in the

 In addition to authoring "Redemption," Winograd is the director of
the national No Kill Advocacy Center. He is a graduate of Stanford Law
School, a former criminal prosecutor and attorney, was director of
operations for the San Francisco SPCA and executive director of the
Tompkins County SPCA, two of the most successful shelters in the
nation. He has spoken nationally and internationally on animal
sheltering issues, has written animal protection legislation at the
state and national level, has created successful No Kill programs in
both urban and rural communities, and has consulted with a wide range
of animal protection groups including some of the largest and best
known in the nation.

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