Hi Lora, a 501C3 is an IRS recognized non-profit charitable organization. All donations to those organizations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. So, if you foster an cat for a 501C3 (the 501C3 designation is something they apply for and that must be approved by the IRS) organization, you should be able to deduct your expenses as long as the non-profit organization will provide you with a receipt. There may be some restrictions, thus the 'to the extent allowable by law" language.
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Thanks for the quick response.

Well, shoot! I am not a 501(c)(3). Darn, I thought I
was onto something.

Just curious, what do you mean when you pay a vet bill
you need to get a receipt from the 501(c)(3).

How do you get a receipt from the 501(c)(3)? They were
not there at the vet's office at the time of billing.
How can they give a receipt for something they did not

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If you are doing the rescue work for a recognized
501(c)(3) it is tax deductible.

This is one of many good reasons to form a 501(c)(3)
IMHO. Some have a different opinion. Other benefits
are increased donations, possibility for grants, etc.

If you are doing it on your own then no, I'm afraid
it is not tax deductible.

The IRS has gotten more strict this year also - so
when you pay a vet bill you need to get a receipt from
the 501(c)(3).

If you have any more questions I'll be happy to try
to answer them, but I'm not a CPA or anything.

--- Lora wrote:

I was in the Harp's Pets (a pet shop here in
Evansville, IN) picking up some Sugar Glider nectar
that I had ordered the week before, when the cashier
asked me if I bred.

I told her heck no! I do sugar glider and cat/kitten
rescue work.

She commenced to telling me that rescue work is tax

No way? Really?

She says so.

Anyone know anything about this?

I am the queen of paper, so providing receipts for
spay/neuter operation, dentials, vaccinations, blood
work-ups & panels, veterinarian over-the-counter
medications e.g. antibiotic, flea/tick topical
repellent (Revloution), food, litter, equipment,
accessories, etc. can be proven.

I can itemize if need be. Not exactly sure HOW to do

The rescue work tax deduction that the cashier was
referring to is not the 501(c)(3) Non Profit Code is

Rescue work is not categorized the same as Non Profit
is it? I thought the were two (2) separate entities.

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