I must have missed all this.  Thank heaven you are all ok.  I hope things get 
back to normal soon.

Sally Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
    HI all
  Ok well yesterday run of not so good luck continued. Eric returned from San 
diego. His Flight got changed, which caused and hour delay. Then The connecting 
flight was delayed 3 hours. I finally picked him up around 2:50AM.I got to bed 
at 4:00AM this moring . Went to work a little late. I got less than 4 hours 
sleep. I feel pretty crappy right now.
  The adjuster called. They cleaned up most of the fallen branches. My brother 
is going to do the repairs. He needs the work. The neighbors cut down the tree. 
The adjuster said he would include the locksmith charge since it was related to 
the fallen tree. So life is a bit better. WE are expecting rain tomorrow and 
wind. Hopefully the tarp does its job tomorrow. I sure don't need water damage.
  I am tired. Hope everyone is doing ok.

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