Another thought: When Dixie was tested she was scheduled to be spayed. The vets, whom it trust beyond words, recommended that she be spayed at a later date when I had decided what to do with her and when she was less stressed and healthier (better fed, supplements whatever). The theory was/is that she would be less stressed by the surgery than y going into heat several times a year. It turned out Dixie had been spayed (I spent a lot of money on a hormone test to make sure she needed to be spayed based on communications with several ACs who turned out to be very right). I won't advocate s/n or not s/n a FELV+ cat but put this on the table: is the surgery or reproductive cycles----for either gender---more stressful?

As I said, I lucked out and didn't have to make that decision.

On Feb 6, 2008, at 8:36 PM, Dorothy Noble wrote:

I was reading Lynne's postings about her new cat being neutered this weekend - I just wanted to pass along a little ifo I had received from a society in Missouri.

I was looking to adopt a FeLV kitty (to be a friend to my other FeLV) and I was inquiring about cats that they had. I asked if they would be spayed or neutered prior to adoption and she emphatically said NO. She said that if they were not already fixed, they definitely do NOT recommend that type of surgery on a cat with leukemia, due to their already fragile immune systems. (I chose to wait until I could find one who was already fixed because I definitely like my cats to be altered.)

Just a little food for thought - I would hate to have something happen to your friend during a surgery!

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