Lynne: That's great that he came through it fine.  He sounds very happy.  
Neutered males crack me up b/c they don't seem to miss a beat after their 
surgery!  It's like nothing happened!  
Don't get's not time for that.  He sounds like he's doing really 
well.  What else about the blood work was bad?  Was it just the anemia?  It's 
possible he had such bad fleas and a lack of nutrition that he could have flea 
anemia and thus, it could be reversible.  Don't despair yet.  
Something to try...I know it's gross, but I am a vegetarian and I got over raw chicken livers and raw lean beef.  My holistic vet had me feeding 
this to Monkee for his anemia.  It's literally one of the best things you can 
do naturally to help combat the anemia.  Just get a tub of chicken livers from 
the grocery- I personally got the ones that were Free Range, non-hormone fed 
chickens, or ones labeled "organic" b/c you don't really need him getting 
anything else that is bad for him right now.  Chicken livers are tough so I 
would cut them up as best as I could and they became kind of a mush.  You want 
to serve them room temperature, but DO NOT MICROWAVE THEM-- eww- the smell-- 
and you want them just room temp, not cooked- they still need to be raw.  I 
would warm them by kind of a double-boiler process where I put the livers I was 
going to serve in a small bowl in a pot of hot/warm water to bring them to room 
temp.  If BooBoo has trouble eating the raw livers, you can also blend or grind 
them.  I used a blender myself when Monkee got weaker and seemed to need the 
pieces really cut up, so yeah, Monkee ended up with his own blender after that. 
 As for the beef, you want lean ground sirloin that is low fat.  I went to 
Whole Foods and actually got Monkee a thing of organic ground Buffalo.  I was 
getting such a small amount (b/c I didn't know if he would eat it) that the 
butcher didn't even charge me when I told him it was for my sick cat.  Monkee 
loved the Buffalo and it was actually one of the last things he ate.  Again, 
serve it room temp, RAW, and cut it up- even tho it's ground, you still need to 
make bite size kitty pieces.  The chicken liver blood poured on top of the beef 
is also really good- Monkee loved it and it's so good for treating anemia.   
You have nothing to lose, so you should try it.  BooBoo will love love love it 
I am sure and it will be a nice natural treatment for his anemia.  I would 
definitely try it before you start throwing drugs at him-- at least to see if 
it's just a flea anemia or anemia brought about by lack of food and proper 
care, as opposed to actual Felv anemia.       
If you are interested in the homeopathic/holistic care- which I think BooBoo 
could really benefit from b/c he had such a hard time before you found him- you 
could look for a vet in your area that is a homeopathic vet.  Mine is a regular 
vet in addition to being a homeopathic vet.  
One of the homeopathic treatments for anemia is Phosphorus.  You can get it at 
a health foods store like Whole Foods.  You want the 30c pellets.  You can add 
them to food or directly administer to the mouth, but the pills are tiny so I 
would sometimes crush them and put them in cat milk- something like that.  Give 
3-5 pellets 3 times a day.  ***Again- I'm not prescribing drugs here- just so 
everyone is clear- homeopathics don't have an contraindications or 
side-affects.  This is the dose my holistic vet gave me for Monkee when his 
anemia was active.  It's another thing to try b/c you have nothing to lose- 
there's no dangers in trying it.  

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: BooBoo is home!!Date: Fri, 8 Feb 
2008 16:12:45 -0500

BooBoo just came home from his neutering.  He had no trouble whatsoever with 
the anesthesia, has eaten, had a drink and can't stop purring.  He's really 
happy to be home.  The vet went over his blood work with us and told us it 
didn't look good.  He's already anemic.  I was so hoping for some good news.  
He's checking into some drugs for the future if needed and we choose to go that 
route.  He said they are very expensive.  This whole experience has sucked the 
life out of me.  I look at this precious little guy and he has absolutely no 
signs of a disease yet I know he does.  I am so angry with his previous owners 
right now.  They emailed me last week when I told them the news and they pretty 
much suggested that we gave him this disease because he was always healthy and 
happy.  This coming from a family who never took him to a vet.  He was a mess 
when we got him, totally matted, fleas and a terrible case of earmites.  Now 
he's beautifully groomed, clean and seemingly overjoyed at being here.  This 
all so totally new to me.  We've never had a pet with an illness, let alone 
something like this.  I swear I'm becomming depressed.  I'm not gonna let 
BooBoo know it though.  
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