Lynne, YAY re BooBoo's neuter. Don't despair re the anemia. Isabella had 
anemia, very high temps (107), enlarged spleen, still unexplained tremors and 
horrific pain and she kicked it all! She is doing GREAT. I was reading my old 
emails- we thought her time had come twice last summer. Several times we 
thought she had died. And now she is robust, happy, healthy and has gained 
weight and is 100% improved. She is a new cat. We had her retested yesterday. 
Will post results when we get them. 
We started interferon right away (inexpensive), and pred (inexpensive) and a 
pain med. She always wanted to eat which made our life easier. We also added 
transfer factor to her food. She's a little miracle kitty, like so many here.
Prayers for beautiful BooBoo and hisses to those other people.
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  BooBoo just came home from his neutering.  He had no trouble whatsoever with 
the anesthesia, has eaten, had a drink and can't stop purring.  He's really 
happy to be home.  The vet went over his blood work with us and told us it 
didn't look good.  He's already anemic.  I was so hoping for some good news.  
He's checking into some drugs for the future if needed and we choose to go that 
route.  He said they are very expensive.  This whole experience has sucked the 
life out of me.  I look at this precious little guy and he has absolutely no 
signs of a disease yet I know he does.  I am so angry with his previous owners 
right now.  They emailed me last week when I told them the news and they pretty 
much suggested that we gave him this disease because he was always healthy and 
happy.  This coming from a family who never took him to a vet.  He was a mess 
when we got him, totally matted, fleas and a terrible case of earmites.  Now 
he's beautifully groomed, clean and seemingly overjoyed at being here.  This 
all so totally new to me.  We've never had a pet with an illness, let alone 
something like this.  I swear I'm becomming depressed.  I'm not gonna let 
BooBoo know it though.  


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