Here's the info from the FIP site I promised.  
Dr Blake states his opinion and that of Dr Richard Pitcairn and others on his 
website at He also lists a 
large number of links giving information about vaccinations for animals and 
your whole family. 
There is no reason to vaccinate a healthy indoor cat ... much less one who is 
already compromised. Dr Blake has signed  a medical exception form for his 
patients who are ill or have conditions that a rabies shot would cause damage 
to or further compromise an existing condition. Alot of conventional vets will 
refuse to do it but most holistic/homeopathic vets will. You may have to look 
for someone willing to put their signature on the line.
>From Anne Martin;
One person/university setting that comes to mind is Ron Schultz at the 
University of Wisconsin, Madison. He's the one, you might recall, who did the 
landmark (and generally ignored, though scientifically validated) work years 
ago that demonstrated that booster vaccines are useless, since they confer no 
'additional immunity' whatsoever owing to the presence of antibodies from 
previous vaccines.  The implications this has for how vet clinics do business 
are staggering.  He also, as I understand it, is the one who lobbied for and 
got the financing to do a seven-year study, just started, looking at the REAL 
length of immunity conferred by one rabies vaccine.  
Hope that gets you what you need
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