As soon as Junior and Tiny tested positive and I was able to set up the
injcetions at the vet's office both received it. Tiny was asymptomatic and
Junior had been through a lot, including anemia, uvetis, a URI, and
recurring fevers. Junior is still with me over a year later. I may put him
back on it as a monthly subQ injection. Right now I am just feeding him as
healthy as I can. Tiny died a month and a half after DX. He never really
seemed sick and it is likely the sudden death was unrelated to the FELV.  I
would go ahead and give your kitty the IR now.


On Feb 8, 2008 9:32 PM, Sue & Frank Koren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  When is the best time to start Immuno-Regulin?  When they still have no
> symptoms?  I can still hardly believe Buzz has this horrible disease.  He
> seems so healthy and loves to play and has a great appetite.  How often do
> the success stories like Minstrels come along?  These postings have so much
> new information and the internet sights have so much conflicting information
> that it is hard to know what to think.  I just know the little guy cleaning
> himself in my lap right now deserves all I can do for him.
> Does anyone know if a lot of playing exercise is good for a FeLV + cat? He
> chases his toys so hard that he gets out of breath sometimes.
> Buzz had some vaccinations about a month ago, is he still in danger?
> I have always had cats but this is so new and I feel so ignorant.  I am so
> glad for this site, I have already learned more real information that seems
> like it will actually help Buzz then from all the reading I've done for the
> last several weeks since I learned he was FeLV positive.
> Thank you everybody for all your advise.

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