Belinda, Teddy had no coughing. He panted after exercise. Keisha and Frankie had/have the coughing. Frankie has coughed for 10 years (since the day I rescued him from my yard). Keisha really only coughed for about 2 months about 3 years ago (every day). Prednisone stopped it. She had two of the hairball coughing type attacks in the week before she died unexpectedly last summer. Her purring always sounded very loud, deep and wet. My vet said Frankie's problem was post nasal drip. He said this for 6 years. Frankie had a coughing attack twice a week (this is very common with asthma). A (finally) second opinion revealed asthma.
(ps no we don't smoke...and yet had 3 cats with asthma).

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This really got my curiosity, my Joey has episodes where his purr sounds wet, rumbly and his breathing too, is how I would described it to my vet. She has checked his lungs when he is having one of these episodes and says his lungs are clear, that it is contained to his sinuses. He has never had coughing but I'm curious, can he have asthma without coughing. These epsodes don't seem to bother him, they affect me more than him, he doesn't seem to notice them at all.


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