Hi Belinda, small world. Lucy has HCM. Her meds have greatly improved her quality of life. She is much more active now. Frankie's early chest xrays did not show the donuts as there was no damage yet. That is why my vet said it was not asthma. Inhaled meds have resulted in improvement in chest xrays. This is Frankie's good time of year (winter) amd he's been attack free for several months now.

From my experience, Joey's attacks could be asthma. Does he hunch way down
and get his neck way out when he's coughing. How long does coughing last? Frankie's are always 10-15 minutes.

My personal belief is that asthma is tied to allergies. Frankie's asthma is worst in fall (moldy leaves outside) and when we have remodeling done. Wonder if you kept track of times of year or suspected triggers for Joey's asthma....wonder if there is a relationship between asthma and HCM. I have not heard of one. Keisha did have fluid around her HEART and died of congestive heart failure...

Normally we have no spray or scented anything here. We have HEPA air cleaners, an air exchanger, and air cleaners on the furnace. I take many precautions. We live in the woods so dust is a factor.

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When Joey was about 5 months old he panted after playing, I took him to the vet and he sent me to a specialty place. They did lots of tests and said he was early HCM, this was in Missouri. Moved back her and a year later had him rechecked, he was on medication for his supposed heart disease and looked awful, he looked very unhealthy, he looked 100 times better before he started the meds. The year later check up here in Washington state by a cardiologist revealed in his opinion Joey never had heart disease and he told me to stop the meds. He looked and acted better after stopping the meds. My sister moved in with me about then and brought 2 cats with her. Shelbee seemed to have an upper respiratory thing going on which cleared up but if memory serves me right Joey's breathing and purring thing started after that.

Can't say 100% it did but that seems to be the time I associate noticing it with, so that is why I never doubted my vet telling me it was all in his upper respiratory area. Joey has these episodes 4,5 maybe 6 times a year and then he is fine, they usually last a week or two. I'm pretty sure I have insisted on a chest Xray at some point because I wanted to be sure it was nothing to worry about and he does have HCM now and is on medication for it these last 3 years. He gets a heart ultra sound once a year. Would a chest xray show asthma for sure??


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