Belinda, Lucy had no symptoms with her HCM so they think, if she continues as she is, that maybe that is just how her heart looks. (We did chest xrays and blood work on everyone after Keisha died). I think she feels better on the meds and her BP was pretty high (200+). I think the meds can it kidney problems? Anyway, I think the side effects and lack of symptoms are the reason.

Interesting about the hiss. Cooper does that. For no reason, he just hisses. He also will also sometimes get winded when he plays and will pant/open mouth breath. This does not happen often so I am just watching it for now. I can't even fathom the idea that I would have FOUR asthmatic cats.


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  Hi Laurie,
Why would they take her off the meds? Joey will be on them for the rest of his life. He hasn't had to increase them because his HCM is progressing slowly, his thickening is about the same but his arotic value has dilated slightly more so there is progression. He is failry active for his age, he still doesn't like the fluids but I know he'll get used to them, Fred has been getting them for almost 2 years and he used to bite me and run under the bed. He figures out it wouldn't do him any good so now he just waits for me to take him out to the couch and do them. BUT the second I close off the valve he is gone. Fred is 17, Joey is 12 now, 13 this July.

He hasn't panted since he was 5 months old, I have noticed something recently and I don't know what it means, I have never seen any other cat do it, he will open his mouth and sort of hiss, just a very short hiss, he just does it out of the blue. Ever seen that?


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