thanks for passing this on, carolyn. so much also depends, of course, on
whether you're dealing with a small number of cats or a
sanctuary/special-needs rescue situation, where sometimes you have to make
different choices.

but it's really important for everyone to remember to CHECK OUT CURRENT
GUIDELINES from the AAFP and the VET SCHOOLS whenever there are
questions--and particularly to be wary about information presented solely by
vaccine manufacturers.


On Feb 11, 2008 11:29 AM, Caroline Kaufmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

>  >From the moderator of the FIP website.  I hope this helps.
> caroline
> Hi Caroline,
> I reposted my message about vaccination.
> I found some info regarding vaccination of retro-virus infected cats:
> ines_JAVMA.pdf
> Vaccination of retrovirus-infected cats
> Retrovirus-infected cats should be housed indoors
> and isolated from unvaccinated cats to diminish their
> likelihood of infecting others and to reduce their exposure
> to other infectious agents or trauma. The Advisory
> Panel recommends that core vaccines (FPV, FHV-1,
> FCV, and rabies virus) be administered to FeLV-infected
> cats; noncore vaccines should be given only if the
> risk of patient exposure justifies their use. Cats infected
> with FeLV may not be able to mount adequate
> immune responses to vaccination against rabies virus
> and perhaps to other vaccines as well.c Therefore, protection
> induced by vaccines in FeLV-infected cats may
> not be comparable to that achieved in uninfected cats.
> Experimental evidence indicates that FIV-infected
> cats are capable of mounting immune responses to
> administered antigens, except during the terminal
> phase of infection, although these responses may be
> delayed or diminished.31-35 Results of studies32,36 to
> determine whether immune stimulation (eg, vaccination)
> accelerates the course of FIV-induced immunodeficiency
> are conflicting, but a potential trade-off to
> protection from disease by vaccination is progression
> of FIV infection secondary to increased viral production.
> The Advisory Panel recommends that core vaccines
> be administered to FIV-infected cats, but noncore
> vaccines should be given only if the risk of patient
> exposure justifies their use. In 1 study,37 cats experimentally
> infected with FIV developed vaccine-induced
> panleukopenia when given modified-live FPV vaccines.
> Whether cats naturally infected with FIV are at
> increased risk of developing vaccine-induced disease
> from residual virulence of infectious vaccines is not
> known; however, administration of noninfectious vaccines
> is preferred whenever available.
> Kind regards,
> Marleen
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