More vaccine info from the FIP group...
 Hi all,>> I did notice on this list and general feline health lists that 
"fluboosters" can cause adverse reactions in cats and in some cases mighthave 
triggered FIP. Please ask your vet to report each adverse reactionas I'm pretty 
sure adverse reactions are under reported. Your vet shouldmake a note in your 
cat's medical file when your cat doesn't seem tosupport well some type/brand of 
vaccine.>> Please don't over vaccinate your cats and ask only for core 
vaccinesunless there is a good reason to use a non-core vaccine. Most 
corevaccines are effective for at least 3 years so it's not really necessaryto 
give a yearly vaccine. Remember that your vet should perform a healthcheck-up 
before vaccination and never vaccinate cats that don't seem tobe healthy.>> 
Here are some good links on vaccination and guidelines. After readingthose you 
might want to assess together with your vet which vaccinesyour cat really needs 
and how frequent your cat should get them.>>>>>>>>>>>> Kind regards,> 
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