Have you tried assist-feeding him Lynne? My vet showed me how when I
arrived her clinic in floods of tears with Flavia one day thinking i was
going to lose her. 
It's easy: Just put BooBoo on your lap, put a little food on your
finger, open his mouth and smear the food on his tongue, or wherever you
can smear it in his mouth. Once he actually tastes it, he may be fine.


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Diane, my husband slightly warms his food since it's kept in the fridge.
I know how important it is for him to eat.  I've warned him he'll have a
feeding tube put in if he doesn't smarten up.  To make it worse, he only
wants my husband or "Mister" to feed him.  Boo and I will be sitting on
the bed and if he hears one sound downstairs he stands, does his strange
little meow and waits for Bob to come up.  He wants food but then won't
eat it.  Maybe the vet has some experience with picky cats.  

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        I'm glad your vet is flexible and willing to help.  If BooBoo's
snifflies can get cleared up, I know his appetite will improve.  They
don't want stuff they can't smell.  Have you tried heating his food so
it's stinkier?  You may run out of the kitchen gagging, but he'll think
it's great.  As I'm sure you know, making sure kitties keep eating, no
matter what their FeLV status, is paramount.  We've been through 3
separate instances of fatty liver disease, which is the end result of
insufficient eating, and I can tell you we are ever-vigilant to make
sure everybody is eating.
        Diane R.


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        Thank you all for sharing these uplifting stories.  I'm tempted
to print them out and show to my vet.  I called his office this morning
and asked the assistant if I could possibly fax a list of questions and
suggestions regarding BooBoo's care and then come in to talk to him.
Well he called me back at work and thanked me for doing that and even
mentioned how "intelligent" and "informed" I was.  I told him I had been
doing a lot of reading and all these suggestions came from this group.
I thought he might laugh at it but he was very impressed.  He is totally
in agreement about the course of Doxycycline and said tonight we'd sit
down and discuss the use of Interferon.  I know it is going to cost us a
fortune, everything does over here, but just by chance my dad gave me a
thousand dollars for my birthday so that will certainly help.  He did
mention that they do transfuse animals but the same problem would
surface in time and it can be dangerous anyway.  Not even going to
consider that one.
        So that's where we stand.  He needs to be checked tonight for
his breathing and runny nose and come up with some way to get him to eat
more.  Nothing I've offered him seems to meet his approval.
        Talk to you all later.
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