We just got home from visiting the vet and will be picking up the Doxycycline 
tomorrow.  It's being made of all places at the pharmacy across the hall from 
where I work so I can get it there instead of going back to the vets.  These 
folks make up Lennies transdermal thyroid medication and don't charge me a 
dispensing fee so good for me.  I know I'll get a good price on the Doxycycline 
and Interferon.  The Doxy is a liquid, chicken flavored one and the vet is 
going to teach me to administer the Interferon.  We don't really know if this 
will make a big difference but are willing to try.  That will be in next week 
and to my absolute shock, it isn't anywhere near what I expected it to be cost 
wise.  It's peanuts compared to what we've spent in cat food alone for this guy.

BooBoo really likes Dr. Gill.  He is by the way running a slight fever so it is 
important to get this antibiotic in him.  When we came home, BooBoo came down 
the stairs all on his own, into the kitchen and ate some food.  He doesn't 
spend much time down here, just upstairs on the bed.

When we were at the vets Dr. Gill told us about a family who brought their cat 
in today, an 11 month old female for neutering and discovered she was positive 
for FelV.  I guess they were all crying and needed to make a decision about 
keeping her or euthanizing her.  They have 2 other cats at home who tested 
negative as well but they share everything so who knows what will happen in the 
future.  Bottom line is, I think this was a ploy on Dr. Gill's part because he 
really loves this Baby cat and said he'd keep her if he didn't already have 2 
cats at home and he didn't want to have to tsend her to the humane society 
because they just euthanize them.  Of course after introducing her to BooBoo 
and us we said we'd take her if they decide to have her put down.  I can't 
believe this.  Her blood work came back perfect so she' showing no signs of the 
disease yet.  She's adorable, a golden color with black feet and some black 
stripes.  They would pay for the neutering and adoption process if we took her. 
 He didn't charge us for this visit either.  So I guess it was a good day.  I 
don't know what the future holds for BooBoo but Bob and I have decided to give 
him every opportunity we can and just enjoy him while he's here.


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