Will do Laurie.  The vet also was going to give us samples of Recovery ?? but 
we forgot to get it when we left.
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  Try Solid Gold canned tuna (cat food) if you can find it. It's my secret 
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    Thank you all for sharing these uplifting stories.  I'm tempted to print 
them out and show to my vet.  I called his office this morning and asked the 
assistant if I could possibly fax a list of questions and suggestions regarding 
BooBoo's care and then come in to talk to him.  Well he called me back at work 
and thanked me for doing that and even mentioned how "intelligent" and 
"informed" I was.  I told him I had been doing a lot of reading and all these 
suggestions came from this group.  I thought he might laugh at it but he was 
very impressed.  He is totally in agreement about the course of Doxycycline and 
said tonight we'd sit down and discuss the use of Interferon.  I know it is 
going to cost us a fortune, everything does over here, but just by chance my 
dad gave me a thousand dollars for my birthday so that will certainly help.  He 
did mention that they do transfuse animals but the same problem would surface 
in time and it can be dangerous anyway.  Not even going to consider that one.

    So that's where we stand.  He needs to be checked tonight for his breathing 
and runny nose and come up with some way to get him to eat more.  Nothing I've 
offered him seems to meet his approval.

    Talk to you all later.

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