Kerry, Winston chews on cotton and licks my clothes (esp the underarms). Goofy kitties provide us lots of laughs!
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Your email made me chuckle Laurie!
My Tiger does that--throws up after eating. He does gobble--basically
his goal is to eat EVERYONE'S food. I've had to separate the dishes. I
think it's comfort eating, for him. (He's also a wool-sucker.) Kerry

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Winston (I feel like I just keep pulling another cat out of my hat!)
occasionally vomit undigested food about 1/2 hour after he's eaten. He
this sometimes and seems to be when he's eaten a larger that normal
of food.
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  Sometimes it is, he doesn't gobble his food though, I try to make
they get food several times a day, 4 or 5 times a day.

Is the vomit undigested food? If yes, is he gobbling his food?


happiness is being owned by cats ...

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