The interferon the vet is having us give BooBoo is the diluted one.  According 
to him, in our instance anyway, the liquid will be better for him.  It's gonna 
cost 181.00 but the vet said this will be enough to last his lifetime.  I don't 
think any of tus believe BooBoo has a lot of years left in him.  He will be on 
one subcutaneous shot daily for a week, off a week and on again.  It really is 
just a pick under the skin but still I'm sure it won't be pleasant.  I may just 
opt for taking him to the vet daily because he is so good at these things.  As 
for the doxy, it's in a chicken flavored oil but I'm betting there's an 
aftertaste to it.  I'm attempting to give it to him after I know he's eaten 
something so it won't be so hard on his stomach.  

I went to a pet food store today and the woman loaded me up with holistic all 
natural food samples for him.  It has no filler stuff in it and hopefully he 
will find one he loves.  I also picked up some goat's milk for him hoping he 
will drink a bit for fluid.  He doesn't drink much water if any.  If he won't 
drink it I'll just use it to make soap with.  I have a small on the side 
business of soap making.  I'll keep on trying til I find this boy something not 
only that he loves but is good for him.  He's just so darn cute.

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  Hi. We give interferon by mouth. It has no taste is not a problem to give. 
Maybe what you are giving is different. There are 2 kinds, I think. One is for 
humans (diluted) and one for cats (expensive). We give the human one.

  The doxy tastes terrible. Can you chase it with a small amount of water by 
syringe (have it ready to go) and/or offer a little canned food to get rid of 
the taste?

  BooBoo is a character. What a funny boy SO full of personality!

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    I have to tell you guys the funniest thing with BooBoo and his Doxycycline. 
 I gave him his first dose last night, through a syringe.  He hated it.  This 
morning I go upstairs with it and he knows what's coming.  After a bit of a 
struggle I get the stuff down him.  He immediately jumps up onto the bed along 
side of my husband who is still sleeping and sits there scowling at me.  I just 
went up to check on him and there he is, under the covers, laying on his side 
with his head on the pillow as close to my husband as he can be, still scowling 
at me.  This is going to be a battle for a week I can tell.  I don't know how 
the interferon injections are going to go over.  He's so good with the vet, I 
may just have to take him there for the shots.


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