Several people here have said that they have their FeLV + kitties living in 
with FeLV -  cats, and the negative cats are not getting infected.  I am trying 
to decide if I should vaccinate my others and let Buzz out of his room.  My vet 
is against it and says the vaccinations are only 60 - 80% effective.  The vet 
does not seem to be up on all that is going on with FeLV, though, and I am 
considering switching vets.  Buzz really doesn't,t mind his room, but he is a 
social boy and cries when he doesn't want to be alone.  I visit him as often as 
I can and spend at least an hour or so in the evenings in with him, but such 
minor details as a full time job and the rest of my human and cat family keep 
me away from being with him as much as he and I would like.  It seems as if 
vaccinating the others and freeing Buzz from his prison room is the best 
solution, but not if any of the others end up being infected.  Their ages range 
from 2 to 8 years.  Two of them, Charlie and Tucker have other health problems 
and I don't know if that would put them more at risk.  Anyway, has anyone ever 
heard of a vaccinated cat being infected?

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