Thank you Dorothy.  We finally found a food he likes, Recovery, picked some up 
today.  He ate a good amount of it.  I will definitely add in some water.  The 
little dickens likes to lick up any juice from his canned food and then will 
eat the solid.  I'm going to start weighing how much I put out too and how much 
he leaves behind.  Where is the best place to give these shots in a cat.  They 
will be just under the skin shots.

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  Hi -
  Just a quick reply to a few things that you mentioned.  The shot that you 
need to give daily - if it is just under the skin, it will be super easy for 
you. (and for the cat.)   My diabetic had to have insulin injection twice daily 
and it is really painless.

  Armond, (one of my FeLV boys) never drinks water either.  I always mix his 
wet food with lots of water and he just slurps it up.  I never feed them dry 
based on tons of research don e with my diabetic but that's a whole other 

  Good luck with this.  I can never force Armond to take anything.  If I put it 
in his food, he just goes on a hunger strike.  I have tried syringes and 
droppers and have ended up with punctured thumbs!  Hang in there!


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