Belinda, I made an error.  He's on it twice a day for 2 weeks.  A total of
40 mg per day.  I'll talk to the vet again as he gets closer to finishing
this course.  I think by then he will be on the Intrferon.  I don't know if
this cat could survive having to take the liquid medicine plus a shot in the
same day.  He really is as he is named, a complete Boob.

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>        I'm glad Boo is on the doxy, but a week is not long enough, it
> should be for a 3 or 4 week minimum.  The taste is disgusting, can you
> get the pill form, you could put the pill in a pill pocket or empty
> capsule and he wouldn't even taste it.  All of my cats hate liquid meds,
> I never get that unless it doesn't come in anything else.  Boo is lucky
> to have you in his corner!!
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