Jane that reminds me of when I had to give Maizee her big capsule full of meds 
everyday.We ended up having a routine.After she swallowed the pill for me I 
gave her a couple of finger dips of cool whip.She loved the stuff.When she saw 
me take out the bowl she would lick her chops.I miss that baby girl.

Jane Lyons <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:  Lynne  Maybe you can give him something 
(if there is something) that he loves right after the dose. It would help him 
  the aftertaste. Can your husband help you when dosing him? When we had to 
dose MeMe it helped if one of us held her
  and petted her while the other opened her mouth and squirted it in.
  I can hear how discouraged you are.  I just want you to know that almost a 
year ago I brought MeMe home with
  a terrible upper respiratory, swollen gums, swollen lymph nodes, giardia and 
diarrhea. As I am typing this she is
  flying around the dining room, terrorizing two Scotties who cannot keep up 
with her.
  I know that BooBoo is on his own path, and that comparisons cannot be made.  
It is an emotional roller coaster,
  but sometimes things can level off.
  We're thinking of you, knowing how difficult this is.






    On Feb 18, 2008, at 8:53 AM, Lynne wrote:

    I had a frightening event with BooBoo this morning.  He hates being given 
this Doxy and fights me.  I gave him some water via syringe after it as well.  
Suddenly he started gasping for air, breathing through his mouth for about 10 
minutes.  He is anemic and breathes heavily under normal circumstances.  I 
can't imagine what kind of stress the Interferon shots are going to cause him.  
Should I try mixing this Doxy with his wet food?  It's doubtful he would get 
the appropriate dosage if I did because he is a light eater.  I'm beginning to 
think that I'm fighting a losing battle here and perhaps it would be best to 
just let nature take its course without intervention.  I hate this.  One minute 
he seems perky and now he's just exhausted.  I spent the time with him while he 
was having problems breathing comforting him, just to get him settled down and 
even his purring was excessively loud.  I don't know how much more this little 
guy can tolerate.

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