My prayers are with you and BooBoo.

---- Lynne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: 

BooBoo is getting worse.  I called the vet this morning and he answered the 
phone and told us to bring him in.  He told me he felt it was the anemia 
getting worse and sadly this sounds like he's at the end stage of this disease. 
 I have to go to work so I just spent some time with him.  He's still gasping 
for air, mouth breathing but was purring and rolled over to be petted.  Bob has 
to take him to the vet and I've instructed him to tell Dr. Gill to treat this 
if at all possible.  I don't care what he has to do.  If there is at all a 
chance he can recover from this setback I want measures taken.  I absolutely 
hate the fact that I can't be home today.


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