Hi, All -
First off, Lynn, I am so glad to hear Boo Boo is doing better.  I had a cat who 
had fluid removed and she did not do anywhere near so well afterwards.  Don't 
give up on that little fighter any time soon!
I am thinking about taking Buzz to a Holistic Vet.  When I questioned my 
regular vet about Immuno-Regulin and Interferon she said she had not heard of 
much success with those things and said I might want to consider a Holistic 
Vet.  I e-mailed one and asked if they could do anything for a FeLV+ cat that 
would be peventative and might help them throw the virus.  It is quite a 
distance from my home and I don't want to put Buzz through the stress of the 
trip if it won't do him any good.

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