Lynne, I know what you mean about the vets - my vet acted like she thinks I'm a 
pain for even asking about preventative measures. And it has always seemed like 
they considered dogs to be more importent.  WE know better.
What is the Factor One and what is it suppose to do? Buzz is still pretty 
healthy and I would sure like to keep him that way.  He worries me when he 
pants when he plays, though.

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Sue, I spoke with Karen at length last night and she recommended something
called Factor One.  I'm gonna call the supplier today.  My vet has now told
me that interferon will not help BooBoo as it is too late.  I've decided
that I will do what I can within reason to help BooBoo keep comfortable.
I've had to stop the Doxycycline because it is too stressful for him.
Perhaps we can restart it next week if he's better or if the culture comes
back suggesting another antibiotic I'll try that.  Our vet is a really nice
guy but is not encouraging and it seems like now he does not want to do
anything unless we tell him what to do.  He's concerned I suppose about the
expense of all this treatment and the inevitable results.

Good luck with the Holistic vet.  Around here this disease seems like
something that has not interested a lot of vets and they just euthanize,
which is shameful.  Also, a lot of vets seem to be more interested in dogs
than cats, probably because there are so many feral cats around and they are
causing problems.

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> Hi, All -
> First off, Lynn, I am so glad to hear Boo Boo is doing better.  I had a
cat who had fluid removed and she did not do anywhere near so well
afterwards.  Don't give up on that little fighter any time soon!
> I am thinking about taking Buzz to a Holistic Vet.  When I questioned my
regular vet about Immuno-Regulin and Interferon she said she had not heard
of much success with those things and said I might want to consider a
Holistic Vet.  I e-mailed one and asked if they could do anything for a
FeLV+ cat that would be peventative and might help them throw the virus.  It
is quite a distance from my home and I don't want to put Buzz through the
stress of the trip if it won't do him any good.
> Sue

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