Check with another vet just to make sure yours is up to date.
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Sue, I was all set to start BooBoo on Interferon this week but now his vet says it will do him no good at this stage, so maybe Buzz would be started on it if his blood work shows any kind of deficiency or the beginning of anemia. In Buzz's case I would just have his blood work done maybe every 3 to 6 months and as long as it's ok he probably doesn't need to be on anything like Interferon or Immunoregulin. I think if Buzz is on a really good diet that will probably be the best thing for him right now. I finally found a food our guy loves. It's Recovery. I think it has been mentioned on the list. The main ingredient is chicken liver, fish oil and a lot of vitamins and minerals. I honestly think that's what's keeping him going.

I so sympathize with how you are feeling. I've stopped reading and am only going on the information I see on this list from people who are familiar with these cats. I too look at my little guy and can't believe this is happening. I swear I'm still in denial. To look at him you would think he is the most beautiful healthy cat alive. I'm tellin you it's taking its toll on me. I am so bloody tired anymore, just worrying about him. On the other hand the 19 year old healthy guy seems to have new life injected into him. He's all mouthy and affectionate lately.

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It's a good thing that he's active and playful. I personally would not start immunoregulin until there was reason to. My positive cat is on nothing now, besides premium food and lysine.

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When is the best time to start Immuno-Regulin? When they still have no symptoms? I can still hardly believe Buzz has this horrible disease. He seems so healthy and loves to play and has a great appetite. How often do the success stories like Minstrels come along? These postings have so much new information and the internet sights have so much conflicting information that it is hard to know what to think. I just know the little guy cleaning himself in my lap right now deserves all I can do for him. Does anyone know if a lot of playing exercise is good for a FeLV + cat? He chases his toys so hard that he gets out of breath sometimes.
Buzz had some vaccinations about a month ago, is he still in danger?
I have always had cats but this is so new and I feel so ignorant. I am so glad for this site, I have a lready learned more real information that seems like it will actually help Buzz then from all the reading I've done for the last several weeks since I learned he was FeLV positive.
Thank you everybody for all your advise.

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