Cat Nap not is a combination of essential oils that are appropriate for many are dangerous to them. I got mine from because I know the vet and her training. Rescue Remedy is available most places. However, an angel apparently sat on your shoulder and mentioned the catnip........try it and see how he likes it. I keep 3 pas (goat feeder rubber pans) with various grasses and catnip for Dixie. They are big enough for her to roll around it and enjoy herself. I can't say they look great.....then I can't say I care.

There are others on the site who are familiar with Dr. Maiers and/or Dr. Boswell if you can't find a holistic vet.

I had a cat with cancer who was impossible to pill. It was heartbreaking. Your little buddy just needs for you to calm down and help him calm down. How would you like someone 100 times bigger than you picking you up, forcing open your mouth and forcing something down your throat? Especially if that person was giving off all the vibes of panic?

You might try Feliway spray on yourself and his room too. It is very calming. It helped The Royal Princess Kitty Katt accept me.

Don't give it up. Enjoy the time you have. It doesn't matter how long or how short.
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We had to go out to visit my dad today Marylyn so I reluctantly left BooBoo alone sleeping. When we got home I went upstairs and lay down with him and even though he didn't open his eyes he began purring. I told Bob what you said about the amount of sleep they need so we've determined not to bug him so much. He did pee and poo while we were gone and went up on the bed to sleep. He is breathing better now. Still have the appointment tomorrow because they couldn't see us today. There were two emergencies apparently. Big friggin deal. If a vets office can't handle two emergencies and one sick cat in a day, I give up. I am searching for another vet. I have a lead on a good one. This guy told Bob he would analyse the fluid and get back to us and he just got rid of it. Like I've said, everything he has done for us so far has been after I've read up on the disease or read these posts and told him my suggestions. He obviously thinks we are fighting a losing battle here and doesn't have Boo's best interest at heart. We will persevere because neither Boo or we want him dead yet. I actually have some catnip in the garden despite this miserable cold weather. I'll give it a shot. I wish cats liked lavender because I have a lot of that and it is supposed to be calming for people.

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Try spraying Rescue Remedy or Cat Nap around him a few minutes before you pill him. Check with a holistic vet if you are having trouble with the status quo. Basically, ask yourself what you have to gain and what you have to lose. It is an awful situation. Been there. Done that. With various critters and various physical problems. I would never give up the total pleasure of their company and the wisdom of their spite of the frustration and pain and all the other emotions..........each friend taught me and gave me so much. Here is where I get too emotional.
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