Just wanted to add something that might help everyone with pill issues, that 
need a pill gun and can't find one.

I have always made my own...at the time, they didn't make them 
commercially...or I didn't know of any available...

If you have access to a plastic 3cc syringe, cut the end that connects to a 
needle off by scoring it around the base with a sharp knife.  Just continue to 
go around it with the knife until the end comes off.  (If you have a very sharp 
pipe cutter this will work as well).  Then use an emery board (first with the 
rough side and then with the smooth side) until all rough edges are removed so 
as not to damage your cat's throat with a burr on the end of the syringe.  

I then use black electrical tape to wrap around the plunger next to (below) the 
thumb tab. Make several wraps.  This keeps the rubber plunger from going 
outside the syringe case past where you cut it off.  You don't want your cat 
swallowing the rubber plunger if it goes past the end of the newly cut syringe. 
 Ta-Da...you now have a pill gun!

You can load the pill in the end and can also add a bit of broth or water so 
that the pill goes down smoothly.

If you use it with just the pill, you can put a bit of broth or water (no more 
that 1cc) down your cat to help them with a second swallow which will help 
eliminate the pill being found under the couch while you are watching the 11 
o'clock news the next evening.

Hope this helps.


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