Be careful opening windows.  Cats can push the screens right out and escape!

Marylyn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  Try bird feeders near the window and a window perch.  Cats can bat balls and 
toys even on carpet.  A nice box to hide in would be great.  I had two cats who 
loved the Catnip (I think that is the title) tape (birds, squirrels etc) even 
though they had a 12x6x6 covered kennel with 24/7 access.  Lots of personal 
time with you too.....maybe a tv or radio to listen to part of the time (not 
all of the time--it becomes noise then).  Dixie has three pans (goat food size 
rubber pans) on dollies with grass and capnip growing in them.  She can get 
into the pans and roll in the grass and catnip and have a ball (she has three 
because she wears them down and they need time to refresh).  A warm place to 
snuggle, maybe with a snuggle safe.  

  Ideas.....take what works for you and for Amond.
    On Feb 17, 2008, at 9:18 PM, Lance wrote:

    I think most cats play best with interactive toys. Ember loves the Cat 
Charmer, and while we haven't played with it in awhile, she  liked the Cat 
Dancer, too. I also have a few pieces of elastic material that my mom gave me, 
and those work.   

  A cat condo with a view is a great idea.

    On Feb 17, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Sue & Frank Koren wrote:

  Thank you for telling about Armond.  I guess that answers my question - they 
can be infected even with the vaccination.  That is too much risk for me and my 
original cats.  If one of them got sick I would feel horrible!
   I don't want to get another FeLV+ cat, it seems like that would just double 
the trouble, and both of them in this small room.  The best I can do is make 
this as   a place as possible for him.  I already have one of those donuts with 
a ball inside, a soft square he can hide in and various other cat toys.  I 
think I will replace the chair by the window with a cat condo.  Any suggestions 
for making room sweet room a fun place for Buzz to be?  The floor is carpeted, 
so things that roll across the floor don't work.
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  To Sue & Frank ~
  I absolutely understand about you wanting Buzz to be with the others.  It is 
so tough to have them separated.  We brought in a stray a year ago and did not 
have her tested (but we did have her vaccinated).  Anyway, she was positive and 
exposed our others.  Armond caught the virus but my other cat did not.  All of 
my animals were always vaccinated.  Based on my experience, I would not mix 
them.  I have had Armond since he was 4 weeks old, he has had all of his shots 
and he still tested positive from being with the other positive cat. 
  We just adopted another FeLV positive cat so Armond could have a friend and 
we had a special house built for them.  It works out great.

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