When I first took my gang in for testing(. I already knew I had a positive
and all were exposed. ) he told me a story about a client's that cat tested
positive and  lived twelve years after that. As Far as I know a healthy 12
yrs. The cat was retested every couple yrs and was always positive. Although
he is not cutting edge, he was not going to discourage treatment either. He
was totally in agreement to try the immunoregulin. His partner is the one
who actually treated Junior. She has been great as well. I think I have
helped educate her. She is fairly young so will be practicing a long time.
She knows I mix my cat's and the reason why. I think it is less strssful to
Junior. One downside is that. The newest kitten, who was dropped on me last
fall,  has yet another cold, and I tried to keep him away from Junior but
junior caught it from him. JJ has had all his vaccinations.


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