Hi Wendy,

Thanks for asking about Ember. She's doing really well. She was going nuts earlier, running around batting one of her mice. She got it into the bathtub somehow, and was after in there, too. She's very vocal when she's doing all this. She sounds like a little wild cat.

Regarding Ember's troubles from a few months ago, the diarrhea is long gone. I now feed her two 3 oz cans of Wellness a day, as well as some Kitty Kaviar. She's lost a little weight, but nothing like last year. I'm pretty sure that the loud breathing/panting was a reaction to the high dose of Flagyl, which I stopped. I haven't heard it happen since that particular episode. I got her onto pumpkin for a week or so after that, and that seemed to help take care of the diarrhea.

I've been meaning to write the list to see what the blandest, organic/ natural dry food with a single source of protein might be. I tried a little Wellness CORE on her, and it went right through.


On Mar 2, 2008, at 1:08 PM, wendy wrote:

Hey Lance,

I'm trying to catch up on the posts this weekend (while we replace siding on our house that our dogs chewed completely through!!!). I read about Ember's stool issues last month and breathing issues. Is she doing ok?


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