I want to piggyback on what Caroline said...one of the wonderful yet sad 
ironies of this group is that everytime one of us loses a furbaby, we actually 
help others who have lost their kitties beforehand.  The more recent the loss, 
the fresher the pain, and when we cry for another's loss, we are also crying 
for our own, and we heal a little more each time.  For Caroline, Monkee's 
passing was fairly recent and she feels your pain acutely because her loss is 
still so fresh.  And yet Boo Boo's passing is actually helping her to grieve 
and heal.  I really believe this.  After Cricket died, those who lost their 
kitties soon afterwards were so hard for me to read about.  I would start 
reading and get this horrible lump in my throat and it would just burn.  I 
would cry until sometimes I didn't have anymore tears left.  Reading about 
other's losses would rip open the wound again and I would bleed some more, but 
what I didn't realize was that I healed up a little
 better each time.  So even though I know you are hurting horribly over losing 
Boo Boo, hopefully knowing that his loss is helping others to heal might make 
things a little better.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the 
world - indeed it is the only thing that ever has!"     ~~~ Margaret Meade ~~~

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Subject: RE: BooBoo left us

I just wanted to let you know that I felt so devastated this morning when I got 
to work and checked my email and saw the subject lines from this site and the 
FIP site.  I literally said out loud "oh god, no."  I know it didn't look good 
for BooBoo after the vet said it looked like FIP too, but I always wanted to 
have hope for him.  I couldn't respond this a.m. because I ended up crying at 
work after reading some of the BooBoo emails and I didn't have it in me.  But I 
wanted to tell you that there are fates worse than death itself- and one of 
them is for a precious creature like BooBoo to have gone downhill with these 
illness(es) alone, outside- and at the mercy of wild animals and maybe even 
feral cats.  So the fact that you gave him the only love he ever knew, shelter 
in these most critical times (when he was extremely ill) and kept him from 
those other, more horrible fates..., really does mean everything in the world.  
The sacrifice that you make is
 that you open your heart as well as your home and when he leaves you, you are 
left with a broken heart.  We all say we want more time with them (I still say 
this about Monkee), but it's just not for us to make that decision so we have 
to do the right thing at the time and enjoy what little time we do have with 
I know that BooBoo is in a good place-- hopefully, he is playing with Monkee 
(even tho I always have to tell my previously alley cat, snorting, aggressive 
big boy to "be nice!" to other kitties), Possum and Brumley.  Possee and Brum 
were the most gentle-souled, sweet natured babies ever so I am sure they are 
taking good care of BooBoo. 

To: felvtalk@felineleukemia.org
Subject: BooBoo left us
Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2008 22:04:15 -0500

We lost our precious baby tonight.  He developed difficulty breathing and we 
rushed him to the emergency clinic.  He was dehydrated and had just had his 
lungs aspirated Friday.  The vet recently experienced the same situation with 
his Himilayan, co-incidentally, though I sometimes think they make stuff up to 
identify with your pain.
I held his little face in my hand and petted him as did Bob and he slipped away 
almost immediately.  I don't think I've cried this much in my life, Bob too.  
At this moment I can't imagine ever being happy again.  Sounds stupid but 
BooBoo conveyed to me this evening it was time to go and he thanked us.  He was 
so very weak he could hardly walk but he was still purring as we pet him even 
with the damn catheter in.  We know this was best for him but the worst for us.
Thank you all for being so very supportive.

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